Fast Track Initiative, Inc

About us

FTI Venture Partners is a biotech-focused venture capital firm that has offices in Tokyo and Boston. We find out, invest, and grow transformative early-stage companies across healthcare sectors. Over 15 years of investment experience, we have managed a total of $100M and grown 20+ innovative companies.

Our Approach

  • Invest in life science and healthcare companies that are backed by innovative platform technologies
  • Start investment at early-stage, typically from Seed to Series A, and follow on at later rounds
  • Serve as an active investor and drive value through operational involvement

Our Differentiation

  • Facilitate impactful partnership creation through top-tier network with Asian/Japanese life science/healthcare industry
  • Assist startups realize key academic collaborations with top institutions
  • Support startups innovate the regulatory frontier via our close relationship with the regulator
  • Provide hands-on, operational support to drive startups’ initial growth

Our Approach

  • Pharma and life science investment professionals with extensive experiences in industries and academia
  • Substantial network with leaders and experts in industry, academia, medical and regulatory KOLs

Companies (Partial)

Fund II Portfolio


MA, USA and Tokyo, Japan

Transformative gene modulation platform with its proprietary, multi-functional Cas proteins. Spin-out from Univ of Tokyo. IPOed in 2020


Tokyo, Japan

Augmenting the ability of nucleic acid therapies using poly- micelle delivery. Proven efficiency with long and short nucleic acid chain. Acquired in 2020


MA, USA and Tokyo, Japan

Early-stage drug discovery through the global integration of large-scale GPU simulations and unique biological insights


MA, USA and Tokyo, Japan

Innovative drug delivery for CNS diseases. Glucose ligand- modified micelles have substantial ability to cross BBB


Shimane, Japan

Cell therapy with highly purified Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Operates proprietary cell analysis and growth prediction engine to select most viable MSCs


Tokyo, Japan

Clinical-stage medical device company developing stent and microcatheter in combination with fluid simulation software


Tokyo, Japan

Operating oncology KOL database and developing patient services: Doctor-to-Patient (D2P) matching platform and cancer-specific insurance partnering an insurance company


Tokyo, Japan

Medical agency service that dispatches psychiatrists to corporates to support employees mental health


Tokyo, Japan

Personalized nutrition management service. Direct-to- consumer (D2C) urine test and personalized supplement

Fund I Portfolio


Tokyo, Japan

mAb discovery and optimization platform harnessing cell- based technology. Alliance with Chugai Pharmaceuticals. IPOed in 2011


Tokyo, Japan

Cell sheet technology that enables variety of tissue products including cornea, cardiac patch, cartilage sheet. IPOed in 2010


Tokyo, Japan

First integrated database and analysis for medical prescription. Exclusive use of over 10 million prescription. Acquired in 2012